8 Comprehensive Adult Martial Arts Programs for All Walks of Life


We have a variety of Adult Martial Arts classes available to people from all walks of life. Weather you are looking to just lose weight and tone up or to have a positive group of people to socialize with and have fun, or you are serious about becoming the best martial artist you can be, we cater for it all. Classes start off at your own pace to help you get into shape and develop your skills in martial arts and self-defence.

As an adult concerns such as health, weight, flexibility, body strength start to become an issue, we all want to lead a healthy and productive life and remain in shape as we age. Being part of our adults Martial Arts programs ensures you will achieve these goals and have the extra support of people with the same interests and goals around you. All of this is achievable with just two training sessions a week (more if you choose).

We offer you a two week introductory program to try a program of a couple of the programs to see what suits you best. A detailed explanation of each program is located in our adults’ classes section, but below are a quick summary of each program we offer.


This program is a combination of Taekwondo, boxing and kickboxing. This program is very active and focuses on sparring and pad work. This will help you lose weight fast and get very high levels of conditioning.
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program will provide you with effective ground self-defence skills while providing good cardio, strength and flexibility training. Available at Joondalup, Midland Branches only.
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Wikid Weapons

His is a fun program involving martial arts weapons, gymnastics, Parkour and martial arts kicking skills. Good for strength flexibility and cardio.
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This high energy program caters for people who just want to get fit and learn to protect themselves, to people who want to spar in the ring and learn the complete system of Boxing.  Contact training is optional and classes include, padwork, bagwork, slipline, speedball, floor ceiling ball, ring sparring, footwork, fighting strategies, shadow sparring and lots of conditioning.
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This program features the traditional side of the Korean Martial arts of Taekwondo. It also incorporates, street self defence and sparring skills.
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Our most popular get in  shape program for adults.  This class is music, high energy, conditioning, fun padwork drills, and a strength and cardio session that will get you in top shape.  learn basic fighting skills in a fun aerobic style forum.  Very popular with women and those that want to get fit with little time commitment.
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Womens only martial arts and self defence

if you feel more comfortable training only with women and being taught by women instructors, then this is the program for you.  Classes incorporate realistic martial arts skills of punching and kicking, and grappling as well as street effective strategies to keep yourself safe when out and about.  learn basic rules to always keep yourself safe, or to recruit help in an emergency and get in top shape whilst you do it.
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Olympic Style Taekwondo

This program is structured around the Olympic sport of WTF Taekwondo. Classes help develop skills to compete at a local, state, national, international and Olympic level, so it is a great supplement to the taekwondo program.
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Competition Freestyle Taekwondo

This program focuses on sparring skills for competition in taekwondo, kickboxing and boxing. Great for developing high levels of fitness and soaring skills.
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