Adult Kickboxing

Adult Kickboxing by ATI Martial Arts

ATI Martial Arts’ kickboxing program teaches you a mix martial art styles: Taekwondo, boxing, Karate, Mauy Thai and kickboxing of various styles. Taking the kickboxing program is a great way to develop your self-defence skills while getting your physical conditioning up to a high level for both cardio and strength.

The Kickboxing program also sharpens your sparring skills, using a lot of striking pad work to develop your power and speed. Kickboxing Sparring often involves a “choose your contact” format. While the training we provide involves no contact to light contact, you may also be exposed to full contact competition training if you wish . Our  adults’ kickboxing classes  have a great social  component to them. So if you are looking for new friends with common goals and a positive and motivated outlook then this is definitely the class for you. The kickboxing class also tops our list as the best program to drop the weight and get in shape. We have had members drop in excess of 20 kilos in just three months, whilst other develops great muscle tone and a high level of cardio fitness. The secret to the programs success is that your motivation comes from developing  skills and playing a game which makes it fun. No longer do you have to think, I need to exercise, you will just want to come to class to have fun and all the benefits of being fit and healthy will come with it.

We have a great mix of both men and women training in the kickboxing program and the fun energetic atmosphere of this class make it a very popular program. We highly recommend the kickboxing program even if you are unfit at this point in time. We will start at your pace and capabilities and build up your fitness, strength and skills.

Kicboxing is one of the best ways to get in shape and become a lean mean fighting machine.  Flexibility, strength, core development, muscle tone and low body fat are the consistent result’s you can expect from this program.