Adult Tae Kwon Do

Adult Taekwondo by ATI Martial Arts

The Taekwondo program is apt for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Aside from the traditional Korean Martial art we have also incorporated basic boxing, and street self-defense skills as well as great core strength and cardio fitness exercise.

If you want to get in shape but find general activities such as aerobics boring then try something that’s fun social and also develops key life skills. We find people get a lot fitter when they enjoy doing an activity as the purpose for training becomes the activity itself, helping you bust through those weight loss and conditioning goals that generally fail for you because you don’t enjoy doing you training and diet routines. People who train consistently in this program always lose weight and tone up to become a stronger and fitter version of them.

As an adult Martial arts program you will learn, great kicking skills, good boxing skills, excellent self defence skills as well as a taste of the traditional martial arts as is has been practiced for thousands of years.

Our social element helps with developing skills and continuing to be motivated as we have many adults with the same goals, to lead a more positive and healthy life and learn how to protect yourself along the way.

Taekwondo has become one of the world’s most popular martial arts generally due to its great kicking skills and amazing speed development. We can take an out of shape and in flexible person and get them to be an athletic and fit person within a surprisingly short amount of time only training twice a week. Give this amazing program a go if you want to meet new people, get in shape and really understand Taekwondo and Martial arts in general and develop some great athletic skills.