Do you want to melt away those calories, get in shape and tone up?  Our Cardiobox high energy, fun classes incorporating: bag work, focus mitt work, ab work, non stop cardio, basic self defence skills, skipping, medicine ball work and footwork skills will do the job quicker than anything else. 

Cardiobox is the new way to get in shape with a purpose.  Our classes are fun, social and extremely addictive. No previous experience is necessary. Right from the start you will slot in and work at your own pace and with in a month we will have you fit and toned.

Achieving full body strength and a strong cardiovascular system is the cornerstone results achieved from ATI’s Cardiobox.  Our Cardiobox classes incorporate many practical martial arts skills in a non contact fitness format.  You will practice skills from, Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ).  All these skills are done on pads and bags with no contact work.  Ab and core work also form a big part of this program to ensure a cut waistline and a physically strong functional body that will benefit you in all areas of your life. 

Getting in shape is a decision and Cardiobox makes that decision fun, social and uplifting.  We specialise in developing and looking after people who are new or may have a few extra kilo’s from a busy but inactive lifestyle.  Come on down and meet us and mix with other like minded people who have already discovered how much fun it is to get in shape with ATI’s Cardiobox.