Competition Freestyle Taekwondo


competition freestyle taekwondo perth

ATI Martial Arts’ Competition Freestyle Taekwondo program is a great next step for martial artists who want to take their skills to the extreme. We will help you prepare for competitions and become the strongest martial artist you can be.

The program is focused on improving your punching and kicking skills as preparation for competitions in Taekwondo and kickboxing. The classes involve plenty of sparring to take your physical fitness to its peak and to attune you to the demands of the competition. This is all done in a safe environment, at comfortable contact levels.

One area we develop, way above the average, are kicking skills and great footwork. This is a great supplement to our  general program and help you train for state, national and international competitions.

As an adult this martial arts class will get you in top shape. If you have always wanted to be extremely fit and in great shape as well as be able to protect yourself, then this is the program for you. Every two years you will have the chance to vie for a position to represent Australia in the World Open Championships, or to compete each year in the kickboxing ring and taekwondo circuit.

We do not throw anyone into the deep end when starting new martial arts classes like this. We will introduce the skills gradually and at your pace and you will find our adult members a great support and excellent new positive social group. The challenges we face as adults, are time constraints that rob us from staying healthy and in shape. This class is only once a week (more if you choose) but will get you into top shape with that alone. Why not get fit, learn to defend yourself and who knows, represent Australia whilst you are at it.