Adult Olympic Style Taekwondo

Adult Olympic Sport Taekwondo by ATI Martial Arts

We have pathways at ATI martial Arts that can lead you all the way to the Olympics. This program specifically trains members to compete in the Olympic sport of WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo.

Some of our greatest athletes have come from this program, we have a bunch of international medalist and past members who have represented Australia at the Olympics or been in the top two to represent Australia at the Olympics.

Olympic style Taekwondo is an exciting and dynamic sport, developing some of the best kicking skill that any martial art has to offer. The speed agility and sheer power this style of martial arts develops helps in all sports and disciplines. Boxing has the best hand techniques, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has the best ground fighting system and Taekwondo has the best kicking and kicking footwork system. So if you are looking to supplement your current fighting skills or want to become the next state, national, world or Olympic champion then this is the program for you.

Olympic Taekwondo is a face paced and dynamic fighting sport that is a lot of fun. Your flexibility levels and body conditioning will reach your ultimate level. The idea for this program to reach the high level is to begin with this class and the kickboxing or Taekwondo base programs and train in the two to get to the level required for competition. If you are an outside martial artist we welcome you doing this program to incorporate the footwork and kicking skills into your current martial art, be it MMA, Kickboxing or Karate.

Again for ultimate weight loss and fitness play a game like this, it will get you in shape without even thinking about it. As an adult keeping in shape and keeping the weight off becomes an issue as we get older and the trick is to find something fun that gives you these benefits without taking gruelling discipline to make yourself get into shape. Come down and view or try a class we welcome you.