Wikid Weapons Training for Adults

Adult Wikid Weapons by ATI Martial Arts

ATI Martial Arts’ Wikid Weapons program is a great introduction to the fun side of Martial Arts. If you are interested in being a movie stuntman/woman, want to have good martial arts, gymnastics and Parkour skills to make you an all round performer, then this is the program for you.

The Wikid Weapons syllabus was developed by ATI martial arts 4th dan Black Belt Jason Lee, an experienced extreme martial artist. The program will develop your kicking and gymnastic skills, and hone your martial art weapons skills. Your training in weapons will develop your ability to perform demonstrations in special occasions. You can also use your skills for competitions, movie parts or better physicality for theatre.

Wikid Weapons classes are performed in a safe environment. The use of weapons outside of classes is discouraged and is only used for demonstration activities.

As an adult this program will get you in shape and give you some practical and artistic skills for a variety of uses. Your body strength and core strength levels will increase. Your flexibility will be vastly improved, not to mention the sheer amount of fun you will have in this program. As an adult martial arts program people find this class challenging, fun and very motivating. It’s easier to get in shape when you do an activity because you enjoy it rather than just exercising for the sake of it. We highly recommend this program for its activity and skill development.

The things you can expect to be doing in this martial arts class are:

  • Gymnastic flips
  • Basic Parkour
  • Martial arts kicking and punching skills
  • Public Demonstration skills
  • Stunt basics for movies and theatre
  • Huge social interaction with positive people
  • A high level of cardio fitness, strength and flexibility

No matter what level or shape you are in we will start of easy and develop you both physically and skill wise so you can transition in easy.