Womens Only Martial Arts and Self Defence

Always wanted to get fit, toned and learn to defend yourself, but would prefer to only train with other women. We run women’s only Martial arts classes and courses.  These women’s classes are taught by female instructors and provide the comfort for those women who wish to only be trained by, and to train with other women. 

Womens Martial Arts classes are also open to teenage girls.  The focus is learning, streetwise self defence, skills on keeping yourself safe,  martial arts striking skills to fight back and lots of body strength toning and fitness to get you in shape.  Women’s classes are a lot of fun and you have the chance to be involved in a great social circle of other ladies of all ages.  Our Women’s martial Arts classes have a real mix of ages and backgrounds. 

Classes provide a positive, fun environment and a chance to become fit and healthy amongst fellow peers, who are all doing something for themselves.  You may be a career woman or a mum, or someone who hasn’t done any real physical activity for a while.  If this is the case these are the classes for you, move at your own pace and become a fit, lean, martial artist in no time.  Classes run at our Malaga, Claremont and Joondalup schools.  Contact us today to try an introductory program and meet some other like minded ladies.