Choosing a good martial arts school is crucial as a vehicle for your child’s self development.  We have heard the benefits of martial arts for children.  Martial arts develops self esteem, gaol setting skills, self confidence, physical conditioning, discipline and social skills to name a few.  But are all martial arts schools equal? For instance we have MMA schools, Karate schools, Taekwondo schools, kickboxing schools and so on.  But which is the best?  Well you may be surprised to learn that the style of the martial arts is not as crucial as the way its presented, taught and the qualifications of the instructors and staff.  Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a martial school.  Are the facilities well equipped and tidy, are the instructors certified within their martial arts body, do the staff have Working With Children Checks?kids-taekwondo-2  Are the classes designed around the stages of development of children to cater for different age groups and their stage of development?  Does the school offer a trial program to sample their quality?  Is the school registered with Kidsport and families are able access a $200 grant towards the schools training fees?

Perhaps the main question is does your child enjoy the classes being taught as this keeps them interested long enough for them to benefit from the attributes martial arts can bring to your child’s life.

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