Developing confidence, fitness, resilience, focus, respect

Renowned as the ultimate self development tool for young people!

Korean Karate (often known as Taekwondo) is widely known as the ultimate self development tool for young people. Fantastic for coordination and self defense allowing for students to become more confident and able to stand tall when dealing with life's challenges.

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Karate LP

Very satisfied students

Fantastic place to train and a great community to be a part of! My son and I have been members for nearly 5 years. You always look forward to training because of the positive culture, club spirit and family vibes.
Mark Lipari
I have been training for 8 years and I have meet really nice people and learnt a lot about technique, Attitude and alot more. I recommend this to everyone of all ages,shapes and sizes.
Gillian Mackey
Great instructors a fantastic martial arts centre highly recommended
Brendan Green

It's a great atmosphere and really builds self confidence my daughter loves the teachers and how great they are and loves the new friendships she's made there

Paula Bending
Excellent instructors who can guide all age groups; I've been going for 10 years now and I'm still loving it 😁
Lewis MacDonald