Martial Arts Program for Kids

Our martial arts for kids programs were designed to work around the different stages of child development. This allows children’s progress in martial arts to coincide with their physical, intellectual, and emotional development. Our programs cover the basics of martial arts and are presented in a way that is always fresh, fun, and challenging. In every class, we consistently cover many ideas and themes that target manners, respect for others, handling bully situations, and safety around strangers. One of our crucial ongoing focusses in all our children’s martial arts classes developing skills in the areas of child abduction attempts, stranger danger and how to get help when lost.  Children are constantly drilled on concepts like YELL-HIT-RUN to be used in child abduction attempts.  This puts the power in the hands of children to do something when it counts at the start of an abduction attempt,  immediately attracting attention and fighting to release and sprinting from danger to get help.  These skills can become rehearsed enough so they are a natural reaction in a situation like child abduction situations.


Ages 3-6 yrs

A specialised Preschool program aimed at giving kids from this age group the best start in life.

This martial arts program for kids develops social skills, discipline, core body strength, coordination, and basic martial arts and self-defence skills in a fun, age-specific class. This is a great program for preparing young children for junior Taekwondo. The belt system in little dragons takes approximately 3 years to complete. By that time, they will have had all the basic martial arts skills and will be fully prepared to enter our junior Taekwondo program.

Little Dragons is very comprehensive and helps to develop children in the two distinct stages of development that occur during age three to four and five to six.
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7 years plus

The Korean traditional martial art of Taekwondo develops discipline, focus, coordination, core body strength, kicking and self-defence skills, confidence, and bully management skills. We teach children a positive mindset for success. In this program, children will learn the full traditional system of Taekwondo, as well as effective defence skills and nonviolent confrontation management. You will notice your child’s increased strength, flexibility, motor skills, and motivation.

This kids’ martial arts program covers the full spectrum of martial arts activities. Children will learn boxing, kicking, street self-defence, board breaking, traditional discipline and respect, and sparring skills. These will allow them to put all of their skills together, helping them develop into a strong and confident martial artist and child.
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ATIMA has a specialised program for children 12 and above who enjoy a faster and more energetic type of class.

Learn boxing, kicking and a mix of four different martial arts.

The class is taught in a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment focused on sportsmanship, skill development, self-defence, coordination, and body conditioning. Your child will develop excellent sparring and self-defence skills and will become a strong, fit and, confident individual.
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The mixed martial arts revolution has people excited about BJJ. Learn grappling skills, how to deal with people on the ground, and how to immobilise and escape. This program is a great addition to the Taekwondo or Kickboxing program as it helps develop self-defence skills for children when they are grabbed or taken to the floor. Doing this program on top of the other programs ensures all members have punching, kicking, and grappling skills.
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12 years and above

This high energy program caters for people who just want to get fit and learn to protect themselves, to people who want to spar in the ring and learn the complete system of Boxing.  Contact training is optional and classes include, padwork, bagwork, slipline, speedball, floor ceiling ball, ring sparring, footwork, fighting strategies, shadow sparring and lots of conditioning.
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7 years plus

THIS ATIMA Program brings extreme martial arts skills to life.

Tricking, kicks, and demonstration weaponry make this program unique. The program covers gymnastics, parkour, conditioning and strength, and martial arts skills for demos and displays that include competing at state and national competition. This program produces our most spectacular and gymnastic members. Skills in this program are designed to develop children in performing at major events in a demonstration capacity and in showing off what children can achieve through serious martial arts training. This program develops great core strength for children and is excellent for flexibility and cardio development.

7 years plus

Develop your taekwondo kicking and sparring to new heights through this program. This provides pathways to national, international, and Olympic competition and has prepared many top athletes like our own two-time Olympic representative Tina Morgan (2004, 2008). Kids in this program will develop excellent kicking and timing skills, and will represent their state and country in national and international competitions.
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This program focuses on improving sparring skills to develop peak fitness and prepare members for competition in Kickboxing and Taekwondo. This is a dynamic class that takes your kicking and punching skills to the extreme. The program is very fast moving and suits children who enjoy fast-paced activities, help children who tend to be overactive achieve balance.
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