Kids Competition Freestyle Taekwondo

Kids Competition Freestyle Taekwondo by ATI Martial Arts

In our programmes we offer a range of Martial Arts opportunities for kids that would like to compete at a State, National and International level.

This program focuses on improving sparring skills to develop peak fitness and performance to prepare members for competition in Kickboxing and the open Taekwondo circuit.

Over the years this class has developed multiple World champions on numerous occasions in their field.

This is a dynamic class that takes your kicking and punching skills to the extreme. The program is very fast moving and suits children who enjoy fast-paced activities, to help children who tend to be over-active and need to achieve more balance and focus in their day to day activities.

Many parents have found that children who are hyperactive, and use this class to satisfy their energy outlet, become more settled and focused which has been particularly noticed in their school environment and class work.

Consistent participation in this class develops exceptional body strength and flexibility, a high level of cardiovascular fitness, and ultimately can give your child an edge in many other sports as well.