Kids Boxing

ATI’s Boxing classes are geared towards people of all levels of fitness and boxing skill.  We allow children to train in these classes from the age or 12 yrs and above. they cater for someone who has never Boxed before to the serious, experienced Boxer.  The classes cover skills from the pro’s and provides a two tier approach. You may learn how to box and build reaction without sparring and contact work, or alternatively you may build the skills and put them to use in controlled sparring in the ring. If you choose to  to just get fit and later jump into sparring, you can do so at anytime, after all you will be learning the skills to spar and defend yourself.  This however is completely optional and not necessary.

We have all heard the term fighting fit.  This is because its well acknowledged that sports such as Boxing breed a higher level of fitness than most other activities.  How would you like to get to the level of being cut, fit, strong and able to defend yourself  without having to have contact work.  You choose your training style.  The classes are a good mix of serious Boxers to people Boxing just to get fit, have fun and socialise.

Learn Boxing attacks, punching combinations, counter skills, advanced footwork skills,  blocking skills and evasion skills. These classes are loaded with pad work, bag work, speed and ceiling ball work, skipping, ab and functional core work and for those that wish to,  light contact drills and sparring in the ring.  No ego’s just fun, activity and a mutual respect from people, who like you are all striving to improve their skills and get in top shape along the way.
If Boxing is new to you or you are out of shape, don’t be deterred, we specialise in developing people from the ground up.  We promise you will love the friendly nurturing atmosphere we have in the classes and the people we have on your side all working to all get in top shape and become lean mean fighting machines together.  A great social healthy activity and an awesome place to surround yourself with positive role models and peers.  We will all help your confidence and outlook improve and we welcome you anytime to come down and view or try ATI’s Boxing classes.