Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has seen an immense increase in popularity over the last couple of years, thanks to the fame of MMA. As one of the best martial art forms to learn for the purpose of self-defence, BJJ is definitely an excellent art to get your kids started on.

At ATI Martial Arts, we offer a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course designed for kids 12 years old and above. The course covers all the skills and techniques involved in BJJ, such as grappling and immobilising skills. Our BJJ course also covers escaping techniques, making it an excellent way to teach your child that upfront violence is not the answer to all conflicts.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may be combined with our other programs here at ATI Martials Arts. Taking it along with Taekwondo or Kickboxing will equip your child with a versatile and well-rounded set of self-defence skills that include punching, kicking, and grappling. This combination will also allow your children to protect themselves even when they are taken down or are on the ground.

Get your kids started on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and be assured that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others. The activities and principles taught with the martial art will also help them to be well-balanced individuals physically, intellectually and emotionally.