Kids Kickboxing

Kickboxing has been popular for a long time, both as a sport and as a form of self-defence. Its popularity surged even more as the number of MMA practitioners increased. ATI Martial Arts offers a comprehensive kickboxing program that will teach your kids the techniques and other elements of this martial art.  There are a mixture of different disciplines in this program using techniques from, Taekwondo, Karate, Mauy Thai, Boxing and BJJ.

Our kickboxing program was designed for kids 12 years old and above. It is perfect for those who like high-energy and fast-paced action. By the end of the program, your children will have developed their boxing and kicking skills and learned a mix of four other martial arts.

You can rest assured that the class is delivered by knowledgeable instructors in an environment that is safe and nurturing. We will impart to your kids the value of respect and sportsmanship while helping them develop their skills, coordination and physical health and conditioning. As such, this program is one of the best ways to help your child develop into a strong, fit and confident individual.

This program is especially suited to hyperactive and energetic children. These children will benefit from the high energy of the class helping to focus them and give them a positive place to focus that energy. We have many parents that report children settling down at school and home after taking up classes and consistently training. This will also give your children education and inspiration in learning how to remain fit and active as they grow into teenagers. This is a crucial time as peer pressure starts to have an effect on their choices, we strive to offer them a positive peer group that focuses on self development, health and an active positive lifestyle, and this tends to lead them away from the negative influences that may be around at this age.

We encourage you to take an active role in ensuring that your child will come to class regularly. If you have any questions about needed equipment or about your children’s progress, arrange and appointment with our instructors and we will definitely do our best to accommodate your request.