Kids Olympic Sport Taekwondo

Kids Olympic Sport Taekwondo by ATI Martial Arts

olympic-tkd-trainingLet your children take their Taekwondo skills to the next level with our Olympic Sport Taekwondo program. This program, designed for children 7 years old and above, will help your children master the skills they need to grab the Olympic medal of their dreams.

Our Olympic Sport Taekwondo program is designed to enhance the capabilities of young Taekwondo practitioners. With the help of our trained and experienced instructors, your children will master spectacular kicks and other skills. The program will also help keep their young bodies strong and fit for the demands of competitions.

The program has opened new doors for some of today’s acclaimed Australian athletes. Tina Morgan, Australian representative to the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, is an example. We will help your children reach for their dreams and develop their potential so they can be like the athletes they admire.

We designed the program to ensure that your children will learn the skills they need, all while having fun. We encourage you to be involved in their studies as it will make the experience more worthwhile for them. Share in the fun