Kids Tae Kwon Do

Kids Taekwondo by ATI Martial Arts

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean form of martial arts that develops discipline, focus, coordination, core body strength, kicking skills and confidence. It may feature the use of visibly aggressive movements, but at its core, the art promotes a peaceful, non-violent approach to resolving confrontations and conflicts.

At ATI Martial Arts, we will teach your children the art and the essence of traditional Taekwondo. We will help them develop not only their kicking and self-defence skills, but also their strength, flexibility, motor skills, and motivation. Once honed and mastered, these can prepare them for potentially threatening situations, such as bullies and even emergencies.

Our Children’s Taekwondo program covers the entire spectrum of martial arts activities. We will teach your children boxing, kicking, street self-defence, board breaking, traditional discipline and respect and sparring skills. Combined together, these will help them develop into strong and confident martial artists and children.

This program is great for kids from ages 7 to 15 these are important years for children where the basis of learning social skills and interacting in others becomes important. We use the stages of development in these classes to help apply the life skills these children will need to develop into well rounded teenagers and adults. Having a positive focus keeps kids anchored to good physical habits and gives them alternative positive role models to keep them away from some of the negative peer pressure and examples they may come into contact with in this day and age. We value activities that get them away from sitting on a screen and staying indoors and ensures they are getting the physical activity and social interaction that is needed. We and parents want to see their children associate easily with others and avoid introverted and lonely habits, and this is our speciality in developing solid social and interconnection skills as part of our program.