Kids Wikid Weapons

Wikid Weapons is a Specialised Program that is the first of its kind in Perth. Unlike our other programs, Wikid Weapons is focused on extreme Martial Arts training; the styles often seen in movies or on tv, and is designed to help your kids become well-rounded martial artists equipped with a host of crucial complementary skills.

Wikid Weapons prepares your kids for extreme martial arts. It combines parkour, gymnastics, body conditioning and strength and martial art skills. The program was designed for kids seven years old and above, and will equip them with the skills needed to perform at major events to demonstrate their weapon and martial arts mastery. They can also join state, national and international competitions.

We deliver instruction in an environment that is guaranteed safe for your kids. While the program may be geared towards demonstrations and competitions, the skills imparted are real and the weapons may still cause injury. For this reason, we prohibit the use of weapons outside classes where students are not under the supervision of our trained and capable instructors.

Wikid Weapons is a good way to get your kids started on weapon demonstration, as well as to enhance their mastery of weaponry. Combining them with other programs can result to a holistic set of martial arts skills that will provide fundamental character building for the future.