Taekwondo Olympic Sport and Poomsae Program

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Dear Member,

Welcome to a whole new Taekwondo World!

Olympic sports Taekwondo program has sparring and also Poomsae parts to it. It is the official Olympic style Taekwondo tournament training program and competition Patterns or Poomsae training.

These all cost extra to be involved in and require a serious commitment.

Members must keep training in the normal TKD program and achieve a min. of 1st dan/pum black belt and apply for KUKKIWON Certification when you grade to Black belt.

Members must register immediately when they join this program with STA LTD the national sporting association that governs this sport. This must be renewed every February without fail. Form supplied with this document.

Members must purchase all necessary tournament protective equipment from ATI and have it clearly labelled with name on each item. Order form supplied with this document.

Please provide us with your email address below and join our Team ATIMA Olympic sport / WTF competitors and parent facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/784705311579600/
This way we can keep the lines of communication open and effective.

If you do need clarification on anything in the future, (OR YOU DO NOT USE FACEBOOK OR CHECK EMAILS REGULARLY) here are all the contact emails for the ATI Coaches which we encourage you to email when needed. The onus is on you to ask for info as you require so you don’t miss out on anything about the program.

There are also strict rules of conduct for athletes and parent/spectators with this program- any breach of these will result in suspension or expulsion from the program.

Ultimately the coaches decide which events and what training is required to participate in the program and compete for ATI. Please understand and respect this if you wish to be part of the program.

Malaga and Joondalup Sparring
Michael Duckworth ducky_atima@hotmail.com
Jenny Duckworth c_jducky@bigpond.net.au

Claremont sparring
Cameron Sutton camsutton88@gmail.com
Jaime Davis jaimemoniquedavis@hotmail.com

Malaga Poomsae
Karen Doyle karen09@iinet.net.au

Claremont Poomsae
Steve Thomson sthomson750@gmail.com
Larissa Markovina – EA program larissamarkovina@yahoo.com.au

Midland Sparring and Poomsae
Tyson Puggaard – Sparring t.puggaard@live.com.au
Darren Freeman ati_freeman@bigpond.com
Hudson Shipp – Poomsae 18shih@helena.wa.edu.au
Hayden Freeman ati_midvale@iinet.net.au

ATI Olympic Sport and Poomsae Program Information

Safety gear and equipment needed

The Sparring program requires specialised equipment which is compulsory at official tournaments and needs to be ordered through your coach as soon as is practical for you. The coach will size you up and give you the costs involved.

Most of your standard ATI gear will do in the beginning, but you will need some extra gear.

  • Team ATI MA shirt /singlet and shorts or Dobok pants for the class.
  • ATIMA team tracksuit and Polo Top to be worn at tournaments
  • Parents Team Polo Top also if attending to support team.
  • WTF-Olympic style White Head guard
  • WTF approved white Arm guards
  • WTF approved White shin guards
  • WTF foot socks or (E-foot socks for electronic scoring- Blue belt Cadets 12yrs +)
  • Mouthguard must be white or clear colour
  • WTF reversible Hogu- Chest protector
  • groin guard
  • Association Badge


Introductory process

To start off in our ATI Olympic Sport or Poomsae program you will go through an induction process. This will allow you to become familiar with the basics of WTF competition rules and techniques. The induction process has the basics of attacking, countering, footwork and pad kicking drills. This will take place in the first 2-3 Free trial classes.

The ongoing cost is $11 extra per week if this is your second program.

Program /Team requirements

  1. Must be Yellow belt and above.
  2. Must train consistently 3 times per week and 4 times per week for 2 months prior to any major events such as State, Nationals, Selection Trials and international events. Allowance will be made during structured transition and rest periods.
  3. Must attend state training when it is structured.

Program Benefits

  1. More intense, Elite level coaching
  2. Access to up to 6 classes for sport per week in sparring and 4 for Poomsae
  3. Participation in a structured Olympic sport with national and international pathways for Athletes

Training times and Venues
All ATI Sport members are entitled to train at any of the ATI schools to make up training requirements, however you must make most sessions at the club you are a member of and discuss all training that you do, and have it approve by your club coach!

Wednesday 8-45pm to 9-45pm
Friday 7-8pm
Saturday 8-15am to 9-15am

Monday 7.45-8.45pm Premium Sport class only- extra fee applies
Tuesday- 7-45pm to 8-45pm
Wednesday 7-45pm to 8-45pm
Thursday 7-45pm to 8-45pm
Saturday 10-11am
POOMSAE – Friday 5.30-6.30 pm – casual $15 per class

Tuesday 5.15-6pm Jnr 6 – 7pm Snr
Thursday 6-7pm Premium Sport class only- extra fee applies
Saturday 11-30am to 1pm
POOMSAE Saturday 9-10am

Monday 4.30-5.15pm
Tuesday 6-6.45pm
POOMSAE- Wednesday 7-8pm
Friday 6-6.45pm

These are the current times and venues where training is held this may alter according to demand. In the case of Malaga sessions- the Wednesday night class may be cancelled in future due based on the demands of the program. The main sessions at Malaga are Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.

Selection Criteria for National Competition

To be eligible for national competition the following Criteria must be fulfilled.

  • All black belts must enter the state championships
  • All colored belts must win a bout to receive a gold or silver medal
  • All national participants must be 8 yrs or older
  • All national participants must be Blue belt or higher
  • Final selection- will be made by your coach- based on your attendance- performance and ability to perform at a higher event, with your safety and future development in mind. For this reason some athletes will not be eligible to enter certain competitions and the ATI coach will not sign the application to allow the entry. This does happen from time to time and only if the athlete is not skillful enough or committed enough to perform well and safely at the said event.

Travel to national competition

For all national and interstate competitions, travel and accommodation are the members and parents responsibility. Members and parents will be given the dates for competition and suggested travel dates. It is solely members and parents responsibility to arrange the travel and accommodation ATI plays no role in these arrangements. Members may liaise with other members on dates and accommodation bookings this is the choice of members and parents.

Parents and members are warned that some athletes will have no entries in their division – even at the nationals and this is not known till a few weeks before the tournament- so it is imperative that yu be prepared for this and be able to cancel and get refund on your flights and accommodation. No one has any control over this as there are so many age, belt, weight divisions it is not uncommon for some to be uncontested. If this occurs you may be offered to go up a division or just to attend and receive the Gold medal for that division- Not advised- a very expensive medal!!! (Unless Nationals are held in Perth)

All members must meet at pre-arranged training times and venues.

All members must meet at weigh in and specified times for competition. And bring STA registration card and signed registration form to weigh in.

ATI only accepts responsibility for members during training times, weigh in and competition times. All other times and travel for juniors is the parent or assigned guardians responsibility.

Please ensure all players bring their uniform and all required approved safety gear to the event.

Only Black belts can wear black V neck suits at comps and only traditional White suits for sparring and colored suits for poomsae comps at State and Nationals.

Fundraising for travel costs

See notice attached for info on fundraising.

Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd registration

All members of the ATI Sport program must register with STA, the registration form is included in this manual. This is a yearly expense to be qualified to participate in all WTF Taekwondo competitions. The yearly cost is located on the form. These are to be handed back to your coach as a priority- failure to register or renew will result in you being ineligible to enter most comps as we will not be processing registrations at the last minute for those who forget to renew or register.

Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd application form


Member rules
As a member of the ATI sport program you must accept and understand that ATI staff/coaches run and control the program and its rules, with the player’s interest and safety as priority. This is a contact sport and it is imperative that we all abide by our rules and respect them and the sport.

The following rules are in addition to the player code of conduct and general ATI school rules. All members must…….

  1. Maintain a high level of discipline and behavior at training and events.
  2. Purchase all necessary safety equipment and bring it to every class.
  3. Be registered with Sports Taekwondo Australia on a yearly basis.
  4. For A players maintain 3 training sessions per week and 4 per week two months out of Selections and Nationals.
  5. players selected for nationals or selections events you must maintain a training schedule of 4 sessions per week two months out of any of these competitions.
  6. Train with high energy and enthusiasm in all classes.
  7. Take responsibility to develop and protect newer and inexperience members during classes.
  8. All entries for national state and club competitions must be handed in and signed by ATI coaches by the deadline date.
  9. Train only with ATI coaches and in one Taekwondo Academy. We will not coach athletes that are not loyal to our academy as there will be a conflict of interest and coaching methods.

Conduct at events
All members must abide by these strict rules when competing and representing ATI, WA or Australia.

  1. Bring all your own safety equipment, uniform and Taekwondo Australia card.
  2. Meet on time to weigh in and have a team meeting.
  3. Abide by coaches directions for the day.
  4. Members can only have coaches for their bouts that are accepted by ATI, this will be specified on the day.
  5. There will be no bad sportsmanship by players this includes,
    -Arguing with Judges and Officials.-Booing decisions or other players.-Swearing.
    -Blatantly breaking competition rules.-Being rude to opponents before or after bouts.
    -Arguing with other player’s coaches or ATI coaches.
  6. No players are to coach over the coach in the chair during a bout.
  7. All players must support and help warm up other players.

Parents and spectators code of conduct
We insist that all parents and spectators abide by the following rules.

  1. Any complaints or disagreements should be directed to ATI Staff in an appropriate manner. Either a meeting booked to discuss the issue or a discussion in private. We will not tolerate irate outburst in front of other members or complaints about the program discussed with other members or parents.
  2. If you have a complaint or issue with a coach then you must meet with that coach like adults, give the coach the opportunity to resolve your issue and work it out.
  3. No training children outside of structured classes e.g. at home.
  4. No ridiculing children’s performance or placing excessive pressure on children to win.
  5. No interfering with classes whilst they are in progress.

Parents and spectators behavior at competitions

  1. No abusing other coaches or officials.
  2. No booing decisions or other players.
  3. Parents and spectators shall not interfere with the events and running of the competition unless asked or requested to by ATI coaches or staff in control of the event.
  4. Any excessive comments about technical tactics or strategies that are shouted over the coach in the chair will not be tolerated.(this does not include cheering your child or player on in this case go for it).
  5. Yelling at or ostracizing children for losing or bad performance.
  6. Please support your children by making sure they have bought all safety gear needed.
  7. Please support the team and your child by cheering and building a team spirit.
  8. If you want feedback on your child’s performance please approach or email coaches when they are free to do so.

Disciplinary action

Both for players, parents and spectators-any rules that are broken may have disciplinary action, such as being banned form competitions or spectating competitions, being band from training or watching classes at ATI.-Such matters are decided by ATI coaches and the ATI business owners at their discretion.

ATI Martial Arts Fundraising Information

This notice has been put together to inform parents and ATI Competitive members about how we manage fundraising as an Academy.

We have been managing fundraising in ATI for over 25 yrs and many of you are new to the challenge of raising funds for our Academy.

The ATI Policy is that anyone can help with raising funds for the ATI members who compete and that all fundraising events must be pre-approved by ATI Directors. We do not want to have fundraising events at every event we run as this burdens the membership and they get tired of being hit up for money constantly and taxes those who always want to help, when some others never offer to help!

Each Full time school and some clubs have its own fundraising account and all funds raised for each of these clubs goes into this account.

We have a policy that members who gather sponsors for the kickathon each year – will be given 50% of those funds raised as an incentive to try harder to get sponsors and the balance goes into the fundraising kitty.(which is not exclusively for one particular sport program within ATI)

We are not an incorporated body, we are a business- therefore we manage our affairs and do not have committees etc.

Please understand that no parents or members can dictate what the particular fundraising event is in aid of so it is important not to state that “this event is to raise funds for the nationals” – rather “this event is to raise funds for upcoming Nationals and other interstate or overseas comps”.

The directors will allocate the funds to the athletes and coaches who actually travel away and we do this with good conscience (and always have), knowing that Poomsae competitors, Semi contact sport, WW /tricking and Olympic sport TKD competitors may contribute differently to funds raised, therefore we would allocate less funding to the WW or semi contact fighters if that were the case.( as an example)

We hope this clears up any misunderstandings and those who are kind and generous enough to help ATI competitors to find funds to help offset their travel costs.

What we would ask is that if you have ideas or suggestions, to speak to the sport coaches who will bring to our staff meetings and then approve or disapprove each fundraising idea and try to put together a set calendar for when each event will take place and to limit the amount of fundraising ideas that are actioned.

Please appreciate that we would prefer 3-4 fundraising ideas/events per year and focus on those (as quite honestly the ideas that raise $30-$100 profit after someone has spent hours prepping cupcakes etc is hardly worth the effort)

One well organized kickathon or chocolate drive or sausage sizzle at (Bunnings/Masters) on the weekend is much more worthwhile. We also advise that you can try to tap into individual funding assistance from your local government, so try that avenue also.

We hope this helps you understand how we operate and would like to sincerely thank those goodhearted parents who are helping out for the benefit of all who represent ATI.

Yours Faithfully


sports olympics taekwondo

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